Small cold dishes

Cheese sandwich
Sausage salad
Russian eggs
Cheese platter
Black Forest ham platter

Small hot dishes

Home-made goulash soup
Scrambled eggs or fried egg with ham
Omelette with Swiss cheese or champignons
Farmer's omelette with potatoes, bacon and onions
Spaghetti "Bolognese"
Spaghetti "Napolitaine"
Queen pie
Pork steak with herbal butter and bread


"Strammer Max" toast
Hawaii toast
Swiss toast  
    Pork steak with ham and baked with cheese
Toast "Gastronome"
    Pork sirloin with asparagus, champignons and baked with cheese

Main dishes

Ragout Fin
       with rice and green salad
Diced meat in cream sauce
       with spätzle pasta and green salad
Huntsman's steam with French fries and green salad


Pancake soup
Marrow dumpling soup
Small gratinated onion soup
Gratinated onion soup
Gratinated onion soup with port and egg
Fish soup "Marseillaise"
Morel cream soup


Mixed seasonal salads
Salad "Ecureuil" 
Salad "La Cigogne"
"Devil's salad"
Salad "Nicoise"
Spinach and savoy salad
     with Roquefort and raspberry vinegar

Cold appetiser

Smoked goose breast with onion jam
Smoked trout sirloin with cream horseradish 1/2 port.
Crevetten cocktail

Hot appetiser

1/2 dozen snails in the shell 
Snail pot "Languedocienne"
Baked Camembert with fried parsley and toast
Croustades with champignons a la Provencale

Of Pork

Swiss steak, with potato pancakes and mixed salad
Diced sirloin in champignon cream sauce, croquettes, mixed salad
Sirloin of pork with conica morels
     in cream sauce, Dauphine fries, mixed salad


Of Veal

Viennese Schnitzel, French fries and mixed salad
Saddle of veal with chanterelle cream sauce, spätzle pasta, mixed salad
Sweetbread with tarragon sauce, rice and mixed salad

Of Beef

Onion roast, French fries, salad
Pepper steak, French fries, salad
Rump steak "Madagaskar", croquettes, salad
Entecrote "Bordelaise", French fries, glazed carrots 
Sirloin steak "Printaniere"
      Fresh vegetables, croquettes, sauce Béarnaise 
Sirloin steak "Strasbourgeoise"
      stuffed with foie gras pasty, fresh vegetables, Dauphine fries 
Sirloin steak with conica morels in cream sauce
     Croquettes, salad
Sirloin tips in port
     with chanterelles, vegetables and Dauphine fries

Of lamb

Lamb chops with needle beans
     Garlic tomatoes, French fries
Lamb chop (saddle with sirloin)
     with bean flutes, French fries
Rack of lamb "Persille"
     with herbal crust, fresh vegetables, Dauphine Fries

Var. meat types

Barbecue platter (various types of meat)
     Needle beans, garlic tomatoes, French fries


Duck breast à l´orange, home-made spätzle pasta, salad
Duck breast with chanterelles, 
     in apple wine sauce, Dauphine fries, salad
Duck liver "Grand Monarque"
     with a sherry vinegar sauce, vegetables, Dauphine fries
For 2 persons
Chateau Briand 
     Sauce Béarnaise, fresh vegetables, Dauphine fries


Redfish fillet "English style", salt potatoes, salad
Salmon trout fillet in sorrel sauce, salt potatoes
Monkfish "Nice"
with tomatoes, garlic, anchovies, black olives, rice
Zander fillet in Riesling
     with shrimps and rice with chives
Gambas (with shell)
     roasted in garlic butter, white bread
King prawn ragout "Dieppoise", with rice


Mixed ice cream
Mixed ice cream with whipped cream
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and cream
Vanilla ice cream with raspberries and cream
Hawaii cup
Vosges cup
Black Forest cherry cup
Grapefruit Granite
Williams pear in red jacket
Profiteroles with vanilla ice cream
Small cheese platter
Munster cheese with onions and beer sauce
Fresh goat cheese with plum jam